Features of Lakeside Include:

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Unit 1

AddressLot #Size (ac)Status
Lot 1 Lakeside Ln10.38Sold
Lot 2 Lakeside Ln20.46Sold
Lot 3 Lakeside Ln30.46Sold
Lot 4 Lakeside Ln40.4Sold
Lot 5 Lakeside Ln50.4Sold
Lot 6 Lakeside Ln60.36Sold
Lot 7 Lakeside Ln70.92Sold
Lot 8 Lakeside Ln80.41Sold
Lot 9 Lakeside Ln90.42Sold
Lot 10 Lakeside Ln100.38Sold
Lot 11 Lakeside Ln110.38Sold
Lot 12 Lakeside Ln120.38Sold
Lot 13 Lakeside Ln130.36Sold
Lot 14 Lakeside Ln140.35Sold

Unit 2

AddressLot #Size (ac)Status
Lot 110.31Sold
Lot 220.33Sold
Lot 330.37Sold
Lot 440.36Sold
Lot 550.39Sold
Lot 660.46Sold
Lot 770.48Sold
Lot 880.46Sold
Lot 990.32Sold
Lot 10100.34Sold
Lot 11110.33Sold
Lot 12120.31Sold
Lot 13130.31Sold

Unit 3

AddressLot #Size (ac)Status
Lot 110.333Sold
Lot 220.328Sold
Lot 330.329Sold
Lot 440.350Sold
Lot 550.427Sold
Lot 660.462Sold
Lot 770.625Sold
Lot 880.477Sold
Lot 990.527Sold
Lot 10100.697Sold
Lot 11110.481Sold
Lot 12120.458Sold
Lot 13130.387Sold
Lot 14140.331Sold
Lot 15150.417Sold
Lot 16160.328Sold
Lot 17170.359Sold